Free Bikes 4 Kidz WV Morgantown sets up at Mon County Fair

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — With the Mon County Fair going full swing on Saturday in Morgantown, a local non-profit organization took it upon itself to set up a tent and give away free bikes to the children of the community.

Free Bikes 4 Kidz West Virginia is a nonprofit organization geared towards helping all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood.

The organization takes in used bikes from the community and refurbishes them to then give to children for free. It often receive donations from its partners, Striders Bikes and Target. Free Bikes 4 Kidz WV has also received helmets donations from WVU Medicine Children’s and Columbo Law, which they also give away for free.

Jeremy Blizard, president of Free Bikes 4 Kidz WV Morgantown, said, “We’re trying to, basically, make people healthier. You know, um, get people out, active on bikes, get them used to being active and off the screens at a young age that way they’re, it’s not a foreign concept when they get older. Um, and that’s pretty much the gist of why we do it to start with.”

Any donations that Free Bikes for Kidz WV receives are a great help to the nonprofit and make it easier for it to give back to the community. For more information on how you can help, visit the organization’s website.